arraya small program to embed raw files into C programs by translate them into arrays...Jakob Kaivo6 months
libc-teststests for conformance with ISO/IEC 9899 Jakob Kaivo13 days
majegenerate Makefile from a bare source directory Jakob Kaivo2 weeks
autorotateautomatically rotate the X display on ThinkPad Yoga Jakob Kaivo6 months
freeonebooka free manga reader for the Progress Technologies eOneBook Jakob Kaivo6 months
penxortouchdisable X touch screen when pen is near Jakob Kaivo6 months
asprintfa simple inline implementation of the GNU functions asprintf() and vasprintf() Jakob Kaivo6 months
binarya liblet for working with binary numbers in C Jakob Kaivo6 months
getprognameget the name of the executable used to start the current process Jakob Kaivo6 months
mapalloca memory-mapping backed allocator Jakob Kaivo3 months
quotescomputer science quotes Jakob Kaivo4 days
privbindhelper program to bind to a privileged port from a non-privileged program Jakob Kaivo6 months
runcodeexecute raw binary code from a file Jakob Kaivo6 months
caesara simple caesar cipher Jakob Kaivo3 months
htmlogexecute a command with log in HTML, preserving formatting Jakob Kaivo6 months
plaintextstrip terminal escape sequences from input Jakob Kaivo6 months
awkwardlittle tools written in AWK Jakob Kaivo6 months
battleshipa curses based battleship game Jakob Kaivo6 months
bfa very small Brainfuck interpreter Jakob Kaivo6 months
leeta toy to print random "hex dumps" in pretty colors Jakob Kaivo6 months
bashismsfunctions for a POSIX shell that replicate some of Bash's builtin functionality Jakob Kaivo6 months
color-lsa shell script filter to colorize the output of ls without requiring a whole new...Jakob Kaivo6 months
moreutilsimplementations of the non-POSIX utilities included in GNU coreutils Jakob Kaivo6 months
bosixPOSIX in a box - an all-in-one POSIX command line tool, similar to Busybox, but ...Jakob Kaivo6 months
orchardimplementations of Python's chr() and ord() functions as POSIX sh scripts Jakob Kaivo6 months
ppa little tool for copying large files while showing progress Jakob Kaivo6 months
remptyremove empty directories Jakob Kaivo3 months
strerrortranslate error numbers to strings or identifiers Jakob Kaivo5 months
blogmy personal blog program Jakob Kaivo4 days