BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
autorotatebroken libXi rotation of touch inputJakob Kaivo6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-10-01broken libXi rotation of touch inputautorotateJakob Kaivo
2016-10-01remove notice about depending on xinput, since it doesn't anymoreJakob Kaivo
2016-10-01automatically find the scale and gravity stuffJakob Kaivo
2016-10-01remove obsolete shell scriptJakob Kaivo
2016-10-01update to remove xsetwacom dependency, add Xi dependencyJakob Kaivo
2016-10-01add initial working wacom rotation, removes dependency on xsetwacomJakob Kaivo
2016-10-01add -lXiJakob Kaivo
2016-10-01add to repoJakob Kaivo
2016-10-01add hacky xsetwacom to rotate stylus inputJakob Kaivo
2016-10-01update to reflect new C program replacing shell scriptJakob Kaivo