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masterupdate cksum submodule with merged sum commandJakob Kaivo3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-11-21update cksum submodule with merged sum commandHEADmasterJakob Kaivo
2019-11-20make better use of multiple target specification and implicit rulesJakob Kaivo
2019-10-16update to latest commitJakob Kaivo
2019-10-16disable for nowJakob Kaivo
2019-10-16automate dependency tracking someJakob Kaivo
2019-10-01add room for LDFLAGS and specifying LIBS as a macroJakob Kaivo
2019-10-02Add README.mdJakob Kaivo
2019-10-02Add LICENSEJakob Kaivo
2019-10-01pull latest ed and sh without build errorsJakob Kaivo
2019-10-01add top-level makefileJakob Kaivo