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blogadd RSS feed to headerJakob Kaivo22 months
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2020-10-20add RSS feed to headerHEADblogJakob Kaivo
2019-08-13prevent accidental navigation awayJakob Kaivo
2019-08-13add missing </address>Jakob Kaivo
2019-08-12Merge branch 'fix-content-length-overflow' into 'master'Jakob Kaivo
2019-08-09prevent buffer overflow when spoofing content-lengthTom Dignan
2019-08-07remove explicit action from form; will POST to the source URLJakob Kaivo
2019-07-27add live previewJakob Kaivo
2019-07-27fix incorrect </html> in header -> </head>Jakob Kaivo
2019-07-27enable warningsJakob Kaivo
2019-07-26let httpd do the authenticationJakob Kaivo