AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-18implement full precedence rulesprivexecJakob Kaivo
2021-02-18correct keyword authorized -> authorizeJakob Kaivo
2021-02-18add logging for permission checks and resultsJakob Kaivo
2021-02-18use separate group for checkJakob Kaivo
2021-02-18remove need to localize loggingJakob Kaivo
2021-02-18set gid to 0 for executionJakob Kaivo
2021-02-18add logging of user and command when executedJakob Kaivo
2021-02-07add full precedence listJakob Kaivo
2021-02-07begin paper with abstract and outlineJakob Kaivo
2021-02-07call setuid() so things like apt work properlyJakob Kaivo
2021-02-07remove unused codeJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01add some notes on configurationJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01implement basic PAM authenticationJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01clean up outputJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01update enum to align more closely with keywordsJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01actually parse privexec.confJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01better diagnostics, find command in $PATHJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01set PATH to reasonable default before executing SUID wrapperJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01fix conditional on call to waitpid()Jakob Kaivo
2021-02-01add top-level MakefileJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01outline of check programJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01ignore compiled binariesJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01first draft of front-endJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01add draft README explaining relationship among the partsJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01the setuid partJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01ignore object filesJakob Kaivo
2021-02-01initial commitJakob Kaivo